i don’t consider myself a jeweler, not yet at least

For now, assemblage is the name of the game. my inspiration is found entirely at the flea; they are the materials, the trinkets and treasures themselves. i am not Creator, i am just a craftswoman.... but i reincarnate them. i am the vessel for which they are born again, and they the channel in which my subconscious can be seen... and so, i wear my heart on my sleeve and adorn my body with my mind

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Each necklace is 1/1 and has been carefully selected and assembled by hand. Because I am sourcing secondhand materials, some vintage and antique, there may be some slight wear or tarnishing; it's all part of what gives them character & carries energy from their previous lives. I hope you care for and nurture them in this next phase of their existence, and view them not only an as adornment for your body but as an extension of yourself